Episode Guide

Episode 150: Live at Hold Fest 
Local news roundup live at Hold Fest, 11th January 2015.
19th January 2015

Episode 149: Bermondsey
Starting at Shad Thames, we passed by the Rolling Stones old rehearsal room and a couple of recording studios that have had huge acts pass through their doors, as well as the birthplace of two big name biscuits, the location of the world's first tinned food factory and the football club no one likes. 
12th January 2015

Episode 148: Angela Carter/Sophie Kinsella
The latest meeting of the South London Book Club sees us reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter and Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella.
4th January 2015

Episode 147: The Alumni Playlist (Side Two)
Our playlist of musicians who studied in South London continues with the likes of Hawkwind, Bloc Party and The Velvet Underground.
31st December 2014

Episode 146: The Alumni Playlist (Side One)
We put together a playlist of musicians who studied in South London, including Blur, Klaxons and Pink Floyd.

23rd December 2014

Episode 145: Manfred Mann
We talk to the legendary musician about his life in South London and his dazzling career.

15th December 2014

Episode 144: Putney
We walk and talk our way through Putney, visiting Mr. Benn's house, finding Howard Carter's tomb and uncovering the birthplace of modern democracy.
8th December 2014

Episode 143: Fakebit Polytechnic
We talk to the chiptune pop punk duo about their South London songs, gigs and unique instrument set up as well as a wander through Deptford Market.

1st December 2014

Episode 142: Norwood: A Matter of Consideration
We take a psychogeographic wander around Norwood.
25th November 2014

Episode 141Local News 

Our latest local news roundup features some stolen lightbulbs, skyline preservation, WWE wrestlers, public urination, a vision of our care home future and John Loughrey, Diana Super Fan.
17th November 2014

Episode 140Spike Milligan 
The Goon Show creator is inducted into the SLHC Hall of Fame.
10th November 2014

Episode 139Imperial War Museum 
This week we paid a visit to the newly re-opened Imperial War Museum. We talked about the sites historical use as a site of the Bethlem Hospital, the history of the IWM as an institution and some of the curatorial decisions made in the museum's new incarnation.
3rd November 2014

Episode 138Live at Elefest
For this year's Elefest we hosted a live show where we lead the audience on an aural adventure, spiralling around the Elephant & Castle roundabout from the outside in. We cover schools and churches, cinemas and shopping centres, housing estates and subways before ending up in front of a stainless steel substation. Join us on this journey, this time at your own convenience, where we can guide you around the colourful and expansive history of this iconic South London spot. 
27th October 2014

Episode 137: Raymond Chandler / P.G. Wodehouse 
The South London Book Club meets again to discuss novels by two alumni of Dulwich College - The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and Psmith in the City by P.G. Wodehouse. We're joined by Paul Ansorge of Rant Cast, the popular Manchester United podcast.
20th October 2014

Episode 136The Cinema Museum
The Cinema Museum, based in the old Lambeth Workhouse which Charlie Chaplin visited as a child, is packed to the rafters with equipment, signage, furniture, uniforms and ephemera from picture houses across the decades. We talked to Ronald Grant, the founder of the museum, about its history and their vast collection. 
13th October 2014

Episode 135Ed Gray
We talked to artist Ed Gray about growing up in Putney, studying at Wimbledon, working in Peckham and living in Rotherhithe, as well as the many South London scenes he has painted. 
6th September 2014

Episode 134John Grindrod
Author of Concretopia: A Journey around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain talks to us about the National Theatre, the Festival of Britain, the prefabs in Catford and New Addington where he grew up. We also address the Croydon question - should we include it as part of South London?
29th September 2014

Episode 133Peep Show / Lucky Feller
South London sitcoms Peep Show, shot and set in Croydon, and Lucky Feller, which starred a pre-Only Fools and Horses David Jason. 
22nd September 2014

Episode 132Miranda Sawyer
Journalist Miranda Sawyer joins us to discuss Brixton, radio and podcasting. 
15th September 2014

Episode 131Brockley
8th September 2014

Episode 130Gaumont Film Studios
Edwardian film studio on Champion Hill. 
1st September 2014

Episode 129Lucky Jim / Mad Frank
The South London Book Club meets to discuss Kingsley Amis's comic novel Lucky Jim and Mad Frank, the autobiography of Frankie Fraser.  
25th August 2014

Episode 128South London Playlist Volume V
Featuring Kate Bush, Oasis, Dexys, Des'ree, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Procol Harum, Young MC, Sid Vicious, Asian Dub Foundation and Manfred Mann. With Stephen Graham. 
18th August 2014

Episode 127: Mortlake & East Sheen
John Dee, Tim Berners-Lee, tapestry works.
11th August 2014

Episode 126: Local News
Includes Joel Knight reading spam comments.
4th August 2014

Episode 125: South Norwood
We talk about the people and places that make up the history of South Norwood and applaud the work of the South Norwood Tourist Board in celebrating them.
28th July 2014

Episode 124: Oxleas Woodlands
We're joined by David White for a yomp through the woods and a visit to the newly reopened Severndroog Castle on Shooter's Hill
21th July 2014

Episode 123: The Old Kent Road 
We visited the only South London spot on the Monopoly board.
7th July 2014

Episode 122: South London XI

South London's greatest ever footballers.
24th June 2014

Episode 121: Pullens Yards
We take advantage of one of the bi-annual open days to wander round the Yards and meet some of the creators who are based there.
16th June 2014

Episode 120: Lambeth Palace
We take a disappointing tour of the Palace but uncover some interesting stuff through our own research.
9th June 2014

Episode 119: Local News with Daniel Ruiz Tizon 
The South London Latte Ponce joins us to talk about some odd Local News.

2nd June 2014

Episode 118: DJ AJ from Hardnoise 
We talk early 90s South London hip-hop with the Hardnoise mainstay. 
28th May 2014

Episode 117: Morrissey
Rob Pollard joins us on our tour of Morrissey's South London, including You're the One for Me, Fatty, Interesting Drug and the final Smiths gig. 
19th May 2014

Episode 116: Austin Osman Spare
The artist and occultist. Tom Oldham guests. 
12th May 2014

Episode 115: New Cross and Deptford Free Festival
Includes exclusive interview with Ken Loach. 
5th May 2014

Episode 114: Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes
We go to Conan Doyle's home in South Norwood and talk about Sherlock's adventures south of the river. Features readings by Joel Knight. 
28th April 2014

Episode 113: HKB Finn from Katch 22
HKB Finn AKA HuntKillBury Finn of 90s hip-hop crew Katch 22. 
15th April 2014

Episode 112: Quiz Night at the Ivy House
Play along with our South London quiz. 
7th April 2014

Episode 111: The Brixton Bugle
We speak to Brixton Bugle co-editor Tim Dickens. 
31st March 2014

Episode 110: Penge and Anerley
24th March 2014

Episode 109: The Irish in South London
With guests Stephen Graham and Isobel McKenna.
17th March 2014

Episode 108: Transpontine
We talk to Neil from the number one South London blog Transpontine.
10th March 2014

Episode 107: Local News
Round-up includes the renaming of the Heygate and Aylesbury Estates, floods in Clapham and news of the exciting reopening of Sevendroog Castle.
3rd March 2014

Episode 106: Steven Appleby
We pay a visit to artist's Camberwell studio to talk about his work in the NME, in animation, on the radio and 'The Good Inn', a new book co-written by Black Francis of The Pixies and Josh Frank.
24th February 2014

Episode 105: Rotherhithe
We're joined by Owen Pomery as we take a walk around and under the peninsula, talking about the Brunels, the Mayflower and more.
17th February 2014

Episode 104: Railways

We're joined by archivist Sarah Broadhurst to retrace the route of one of London's earliest railway lines.
10th February 2014

Episode 103: Kevin O'Neill
We talk to the legendary comics artist about his early life in Woolwich, his seminal work for 2000AD and his recent work on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Alan Moore.

3rd February 2014

Episode 102: Daniel Ruiz Tizon
Writer and podcaster talks about South West London and his work.
27th January 2014

Episode 101: Councillor Graham Neale
Liberal Democrat Councillor for South Bermondsey, Southwark joins us.
20th January 2014

Episode 100: LIVE
South London Hardcore live from the Old King's Head.
13th January 2014

Episode 99: Clip Show!
In anticipation of our impending 100th Episode we've put together a selection of our finest moments from some early episodes.
6th January 2014

Episode 98: 2013 Round-Up
We look back over the events that shaped South London in 2013 and pick out our own highlights of the year.
31st December 2013

Episode 97: BRIT School Playlist
We're joined by Stephen Graham, our resident musicologist, to discuss a selection of tracks produced by alumni of the BRIT School in Croydon.
16th December 2013

Episode 96: Sean O'Hagan

We speak to Sean O'Hagan, formerly of Microdisney and Stereolab, about his life in South London, Stereolab's South London roots, the transpontine tunes he recorded with The High Llamas and 'Here Come The Rattling Trees', his narrative music project set in Peckham.

9th December 2013

Episode 95: Wrestling
An exclusive interview with Colt Cabana, plus Mick McManus and Giant Haystacks are nominated for the Hall of Fame.
2nd December 2013

Episode 94: Oliver Reed Pub Crawl
Cinephiles Joel Knight and Jim Hall join us as we retrace Oliver Reed's steps along the Wimbledon Eight pub crawl.
25th November 2013

Episode 93: Lord Hurk
Comic creator and retired rapper Lord Hurk joins us to talk about his work for the very first time.
18th November 2013

Episode 92: More Lakisha

Jack's wife is back for the first time in a year.
11th November 2013

Episode 91: Guerrilla Gardening
We join Richard Reynolds for some Guerrilla Gardening, talk to him about his various projects then start a dig of our own.
4th November 2013

In 1931 Boris Karloff (from Honour Oak) played Frankenstein and defined the role.
28th October 2013

Episode 89: Ben C******l
We talk to Ben about music, cycling and growing up in South London.
21st October 2013

Episode 88: Tooting 
Come with us on a tour of Tooting, from the Lido to the Broadway via hospitals and a chicken shop.
14th October 2013

Episode 87: Elfest 2013 
Our round-up of Elefest, the Elephant and Castle festival.
7th October 2013

Episode 86: South London Book Club
The Ballad of Peckham Rye by Muriel Spark and non-fiction Do You Remember Olive Morris?.

30th September 2013

Episode 85: Local News
Pollarding, foxes and Assets of Community Value are among the topics we cover this week.

23rd September 2013

Episode 84: Ginger Baker / Elizabeth Burgwin
Blue plaques for the Cream drummer and free school meals pioneer. 

16th September 2013

Episode 83: The Horniman Museum
We take a closer look at Forest Hill's museum of natual history and music. 

9th September 2013

Episode 82: Catford
We take a trip to Catford and talk Ben Elton, Brutalist architecture and Blythe Hill Fields.
2nd September 2013

Episode 81: South London Playlist volume 3, Elliot School 
We look at the remarkable number of musical acts with links to one South London school.

26th August 2013

Episode 80: Statues
12 statues from around South London including emperors, philanthropists and a cosmonaut. 
19th August 2013

Episode 79: Avery Hill Publishing
South-East London small pressers guest. 
12th August 2013

Episode 78: David Bowie on film
The Man Who Fell to Earth, Labyrinth, The Prestige and the rest. 
6th August 2013
Episode 77: Horn Fayre
This week we visited the Charlton Horn Fayre, an infamous annual event with roots in the 13th Century, banned by the Victorians and revived in the 1970s. 
29th July 2013

Episode 76: Walworth
Following on from last week's exploration of where Steve grew up we switch the focus to Jack's childhood home.
21st July 2013

Episode 75: Camberwell
This week we go back to our roots with a look at Camberwell, Steve's birthplace and Jack's old stomping ground. 

15th July 2013

Episode 74: Local News Special: Woolwich
Following the recent killing of a soldier in Woolwich and the response of the EDL the area has become a focal point for many who would use these events to inflame prejudice.

This week we are joined by Lewie Peckham to talk about these incidents, the growing role of the public in recording them as they unfold, the response of mainstream media and how the actions of extremists from various factions has cast a shadow across South London.
6th June 2013

Episode 73: Bridget Minamore

This week we are joined by poet Bridget Minamore, as we discuss gentrification, the physical geography of South London and her upcoming appearance at the South Bank Centre as part of The London Literature Festival.
28th May 2013

Episode 72: Prisons
Debtors, dissenters and disorder...
This week we look at the Prisons of South London past and present, talking about the people that have spent time incarcerated in them and their changing role through history.
21st May 2013

Episode 71
: Blue Plaques
Although there are literally hundreds of plaque schemes across the country, South London Hardcore has decided it needs it's own.
7th May 2013

Episode 70: Boxing
Hassan joins us to talk about South London's greatest boxers, including Frank Bruno, Henry Cooper, Lloyd Honeyghan, David Haye and more.
April 2013

Episode 69: Martin Cloake
This week we talk to journalist Martin Cloake who crossed the divide from North to South London on the differences (and similarities) between both sides of London.
April 2013

Episode 68: David Bowie part 2 
Continuing our exploration of the music of David Bowie we look at his discography from 1980 - 2013. 
15th April 2013

Episode 67: Nine Elms
We look at the history of Nine Elms and discuss a series of new developments that could leave the area unrecognisable within 20 years.

8th April 2013

Episode 66: Rosie replaces Steve
With difference now irreconcilable, Steve has left South London Hardcore and is replaced by Rosie. 
1st April 2013

Episode 65: London's bridges 
Wandering along the South Bank of the Thames we explore the history of the bridges that link us to the other side of London.
26th March 2013

Episode 64: Hassan 
We're joined by Hassan, our friend from Tooting to talk about his experiences growing up there and discuss the history of the place. 
18th March 2013

Episode 63: David Bowie part 1 
From Brixton to Bromley to Berlin.
We begin our exploration of Bowie's life career and discography by looking at his roots in South London and the remarkable early part of his career with its adventures and tireless innovation.

11th March 2013

Episode 62Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins - Unearthing
We're joined by writer Alan Moore and photographer and film maker Mitch Jenkins to talk about the many incarnations of their Transpontine epic 'Unearthing'.

4th March 2013

Episode 61: The 10 Worst South Londoners
We made a list and checked it twice, now it's time to find out who's naughty or just absolutely awful.

25th February 2013

Episode 60: Richy K. Chandler  
Born in Dulwich, a student at the Camberwell College of Art and a resident of Wimbledon, Richy K. Chandler tells us about his experiences of growing up in South London and his work as an illustrator and comic artist.
18th February 2013

Episode 59: Music Hall and Variety 
This week we look at the rich history of Music Hall in South London, exploring the people places and events that make Music Hall such an important Transpontine development.
11th February 2013

Episode 58: South London Playlist volume 2 
Musicologist Stephen Graham joins us for a our second playlist, which features Tinie Tempah, the Kinks, Pulp, Bros and more.
4th February 2013

Episode 57: Treacle Jr.
We watched this 2010 independent film shot in Southwark, Lambeth and Wandsworth and we talk about all the familiar sights that are captured on screen. 
28th January 2013

Episode 56: Stockwell
This week we're joined by regular guest and Stockwell resident  Owen Pomery to talk about the history of the area and Stockwell today.
22nd January 2013

Episode 55: Dulwich Hamlet Football Club 
We visited Champion Hill to find out what makes Dulwich Hamlet Football Club so special.
14th January 2013

Episode 54: Peckham on Peckham
Lewie Peckham joins us to talk about the area that bears his name.
8th January 2013

Episode 53: The South Bank 
We look at the South Bank from pre-history to the present, including the 1951 Festival of Britain and the many uses of County Hall
31st December 2012

Episode 52: Charlie Chaplin  
This week we talked about South London's most famous son.
Music hall star, film actor, director and composer Charlie Chaplin.
24th December 2012

Episode 51: Christmas 
A guide to Transpontine Christmas shopping
10th December 2012

Episode 50: Xaviere arrives and other local news 
We celebrate the arrival of Jack and Lakisha's daughter Xaviere and cover other local news, including car thieves, van thieves and statue thieves
3rd December 2012

Episode 49: Lambeth trilogy
This week we talked about three films shot or set in Lambeth,Me and My Girl (filmed as the Lambeth Walk), Passport to Pimlico and  We Are the Lambeth Boys (1959 documentary)
28th November 2012

Episode 48: Barnes
We took a trip to the London Wetland Centre, stopping by a couple of rock 'n' roll landmarks - Olympic Studios and the Bolan tree
19th November 2012

Episode 47: South East London Zine Fest
We visited the South London ZineFest at the Amersham Arms in New Cross to meet Transpontine zinesters and small pressers. 
12th November 2012

Episode 46: Glenn Holmes
We're joined by composer of the SLHC theme tune, Glenn Holmes.
5th November

Episode 45: Thamesmead on screen
We're joined by Midnight Video's Jim Hall to discuss some films and tv shows shot and set in Thamesmead including Misfits, A Clockwork Orange, The Optimists of Nine Elms and Beautiful Thing. 
29th October 2012

Episode 44: The Menier Chocolate Factory
Dolly Oladini, budding actress and Blackheath native, takes us to the The Menier Chocolate Factory, one of South London's premiere fringe theatres, to see Charley's Aunt.
October 2012

Episode 43: Waterloo
Birthplace of the rules of boxing, a home to Vics of all ages and a railway for the dead.
October 2012

Episode 42: Black History Month
Thabo Mhlatshwa joins us as we celebrate and debate Black History Month, and find out what it was like to live on the North Peckham Estate.
October 2012

Episode 41: Tate Modern and the Design Museum
The world's most popular modern art gallery and the neighbouring museum of design. 
1st October 2012

Episode 40: Local news round-up IV
Another look at the local news scene in South London, in which we decide that the news agenda shouldn't be driven by medieval witch trials or tennis balls for puppies. 
24th September 2012

Episode 39: Burgess Park
We take a stroll through the newly reopened Burgess Park, debating the £8 million refurbishment, discussing its history and recalling our own memories of the park. 
17th September 2012

Episode 38: Balham
Coveted by Hitler, mocked by Peter Sellers, inhabited by Ainsley Harriott. 
10th September 2012

Episode 37: Twin Towns 
We travel the world looking at the towns twinned with places in South London. 
3rd September 2012

Episode 36: Road to Eltham
Looking for positives in Eltham and finding Bob Hope. 
28th August 2012

Episode 35: Skyscrapers
Owen Pomery is our guest as we look at the 10 biggest structures in South London. 
20th August 2012

Episode 34: Deptford
From slavery to punk rock. 
13th August 2012

Episode 33: Comics
This week we are joined by Jim Hall of Midnight Video and comic blogger Dave Hatton to talk about the history of comics in South London and the portrayal of South London in comics.
6th August 2012 

Episode 32: The Olympics
South London's role in the 2012 London Olympics and take a look back at the 1908 and 1948 tournaments. 
We also lament the torch relay, debate the worthiness of Olympic football and rave about Public Enemy. 
28th July 2012 

Episode 31: East Street 
East Street aka East Lane aka The Lane aka East Street Market. 
23rd July 2012 

Episode 30: Local News
A round up of local news. Featuring Lakisha.
16th July 2012 

Episode 29: South London sport films
We talk about sports films set and shot in South London including Playing Away, The Calcium Kid, Once A Jolly Swagman and Wimbledon, touching on The Final Test and Match Point. 
10th July 2012 

Episode 28: Wimbledon
Slap bang in the middle of Championship fortnight we have a chat about Wimbledon.
We find out that as well as being home to a world famous Tennis tournament, Wimbledon can also lay claim to some pretty major computer game franchises and that The Wombles may be associated with more Number One singles than Elvis or the Beatles.

2nd July 2012 

Episode 27: Music Videos 
This week we travel around South London looking at the transpontine locations that have been immortalised in music videos from the likes of Dexys, Bashy and Morrissey. 
26th June 2012 

Episode 26: Telegraph Hill 
Lakisha joins us as we go hyperlocal in New Cross's Telegraph Hill. 
Bonus chat on jerk cooking, eating in Brixton and watching the throne. 
19th June 2012

Episode 25: Nunhead 
We wander, clamber and crawl through Nunhead. 
Among other things, we find an abandoned entertainment hotspot, a massive cemetery and one of the best views in South London.
11th June 2012

Episode 24: Diamond Jubilee 
Flotillas, jousting yards and Byzantine Emperors.
We use the backdrop of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to look at the history of the Royal family in South London
4th June 2012

Episode 23: New Cross  
New Cross, birthplace of Vic and Bob, Labour Party anthem The Red Flag and South London Hardcore.
 28th May 2012

Episode 22: With Lakisha, Lewie and Anni Timms  
We're joined by interior design blogger Anni Timms and SLHC regulars Lakisha and Lewie Peckham to talk about housing and local news. 
21st May 2012

Episode 21: Michael Faraday and Charles Babbage 
Scientists Michael Faraday and Charles Babbage are inducted into the South London Hall of Fame. Featuring guest Lakisha. 
16th May 2012

Episode 20: May Day 
May Day and folklore in South London. 
7th May 2012

Episode 19: The FA Cup 
From the Wanderers to the Wombles, we look at the history of South London's teams in the FA Cup and uncover the competition's Transpontine origins. 
30th April 2012

Episode 18: Woolwich Royal Arsenal
Gunners, Gooners and Great Harry. 
23rd April 2012

Episode 17: Enid Blyton
Renowned children's writer and unfit parent. 
16th April 2012

Episode 16: Owen Pomery
Our guest is illustrator, comic creator and architect Owen Pomery.
9th April 2012

Episode 15: Vauxhall
Pleasure gardens, gay bars, James Bond and a mercenary with a legacy. 
2nd April 2012

Episode 14: Peaches
We recall a weekend spent defending multiculturalism to ex-South Londoners on the internet.
26th March 2012

Episode 13: Brixton
Jack's wife Lakisha joins us, as she knows more about Brixton than both us put together.
19th March 2012

Episode 12: Power Churches
The so-called 'power churches' of Camberwell Road and Walworth Road.
12th March 2012

Episode 11: Surrey Docks 
We look at the history of Surrey Docks, its transformation into Surrey Quays, visit the farm and enjoy a spectacular breakfast.
5th March 2012 

Episode 10: Local news round-up 
Topless teachers, cross-eyed arsonists and unnecessary olive groves all turn up in our first local news special. 
27th February 2012 

Episode 9: A chat with Wolfgang Moneypenny 
We meet the independent London mayoral candidate and discuss his campaign, policies and other matters Transpontine. 
20th February 2012 

Episode 8: The Borough 
The most influential street in English literary history, Vorticists and America's most famous university. 
13th February 2012 

Episode 7: Southwark estates on screen
We talk about Hereafter, Harry Brown, Attack the Block, Top Boy, 15 Storeys High, Doctor Who and various other things filmed on the Heygate, Aylesbury and Brandon estates.
 7th February 2012 

Episode 6Greenwich All-time South London XI revisited
Nuclear threats, terror attacks and London's most beautiful biscuit factory.
Plus we admit that an East London XI would trounce our South London XI. 
30th January 2012 

Episode 5: The all-time South London XI 
It's a football special as we put together a team of South London's greatest ever players.
23rd January 2012 

Episode 4: What is South London? 
Lewie Peckham is our guest as we try to define South London and talk about our own personal South Londons. 
16th January 2012 

Episode 3: The South London playlist 
We put together a mix-tape of songs by South London artists about South London.
8th January 2012 

Episode 2: Elephant & Castle 
The shopping centre and surrounding area past and present.
2nd January 2012 

Episode 1: South London sitcoms 
We look back at Only Fools and Horses, Desmond's and Jim Davidson's Up the Elephant and Round the Castle.
28th December 2011