22 June 2014

Collect SLHC badges when you shop on Amazon

We've got an exciting new offer to reward people for using the Amazon link we have at the top of our home page!

Every time you make a purchase over £10, email us at southlondonhardcore@gmail.com or tweet at us @SLHC to let us know what you've bought and you can claim a free badge, which you can collect from Steve at Gosh! Comics. There are four to collect in total. 

It'll let us put names to the purchases so we can give you a shout out on the show and display our gratitude for your support, while you get a nice little bit of bonus merchandise. The badges aren't on sale, so the only way to get your hands on one is to make a purchase and let us know! 

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to use the South London Hardcore Amazon Link and you can use their purchases to claim more badges. 

Our Amazon link is the only dependable source of income that the show has and is invaluable in covering the concrete costs of the show, like our webhosting fees, as well as defraying the sundry costs like travel and entrance fees for places we want to talk about. Using the link gives you access to the same prices and offers that any visit to Amazon brings but gives us a percentage of the sale from Amazon's cut.

You get the same value, we get a little bit of cash and Amazon's margins get trimmed. Everyone's a winner!

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