03 February 2014

Episode 103: Kevin O'Neill

This week we're joined by Kevin O'Neill, a hugely important figure in the history of British comics.

We talk about his childhood in Mottingham, with his mother being strafed by the Luftwaffe on the high street,the comics he read as a child and the long shadow the docks and people of Woolwich have cast on his work.

We also discuss his career in comics, from how little fun there was to be had in the Juvenile Humour Department at IPC Magazines to his seminal work on 2000AD, providing the artwork for the first cover and the first Future Shock and get the lowdown on the secret origin of Tharg as well as the incredible work he did on strips like Ro-Busters and Nemesis The Warlock.

Kevin then talks us through his clashes with the Comics Code Authority in America and what happened when he tried to pay them a visit and find out exactly what they were up to.

We round things off by talking about the epic scale of his work with Alan Moore on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, particularly the transpontine elements in the series and try and pinpoint exactly where in South London the Antichrist lives...

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