17 January 2014

Episode 100 - Additions To The Archive

This week we celebrated our 100th Episode with a live show recorded at The Old King's Head, just off Borough High Street which you can listen to here.
On the evening itself we were lucky enough to get a couple of SLHC-related gifts that have been bought back to SLHC HQ and gone into The Archive - our collection of show-related ephemera.
Sitting on a base made up of our own Blue Plaques we have some books and a customised tennis ball.

The ball was a gift from Robert Molloy-Vaughan, a friend of the show who we included in our vague plans to organise a Pat-Ball tournament on May Day 2012, plans that were soon hijacked (to no effect) by a man who calls himself Mr. Patball on Twitter and has grand plans to make the sport a world-wide phenomenon.
For now we have to make do with our very own SLHC commemorative Pat-Ball...

South London by William Besant was the McInroy family's gift to Steve in 2012 and is part of a series of books that Besant wrote about London.

This year's Christmas gift was South London by Harry Williams, part of the County Books series which has a volume on each of the Counties of England (and South London)

It also includes a lovely fold-out map of South London.

Bromley by E.L.S. Horsburgh was a gift from another friend of the show, Sarah Hatch, and is remarkable for being bigger than either of the two books about all of South London despite being only about a part of South London!

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