08 August 2013

Bowie on Screen: From 'The Image' to 'The Snowman'

David Bowie's first foray into film was an experimental affair directed by Michael Armstrong and co-starring Michael Byrne.

For his next role Bowie cut his hair to play a soldier in his first feature film, directed by John Dexter. Unfortunately his performance was reduced to this VERY brief cameo.


Bowie moved to the small screen for his next appearance as Cloud in an STV production of 'The Threepenny Pierrot'.

With 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' Bowie made his debut as a dramatic lead and found a role that became immediately iconic.

Unsurprisingly this was a tough film to follow up on but with 'Just A Gigolo' the decline was remarkably swift and pronounced.

Bowie's next film was also set in Berlin but his appearance as himself in concert was recorded in New York with footage from an AC/DC gig in Berlin spliced together to make the scene.

When the producers of 'The Snowman' wanted to broadcast the film in America it was decided that they needed an instantly recognisable face to introduce the feature.

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