12 August 2013

Bowie on Screen: From 'Everybody Loves Sunshine' to 'Bandslam'

In 'Everybody Loves Sunshine' (AKA 'Busted') Bowie played Bernie, a gangster.

'Mister Rice's Secret' is an odd film, with Bowie teaching a child the secret to eternal life.

After a run of frankly awful films Bowie played it safe with a short crowd-pleasing cameo as himself in 'Zoolander'.

Bowie's entrance as Nikola Tesla in 'The Prestige' is spectacular.

In 'August' Bowie plays a businessman called Cyrus Ogilvie opposite Josh Hartnett.

It's an odd cameo that Bowie makes as himself in 'Bandslam', wordlessly smiling at a clip on a laptop.

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