08 August 2013

Bowie on Screen: From 'Baal' to 'Labyrinth'

Bowie returned to the small screen once again for 'Baal' in 1982, an adaptation of Berthold Brecht's first play directed by Alan Clarke with Bowie appearing as the eponymous poet.

With his return to feature films Bowie put in one of his best performances in one of the best films he appeared in with 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence'.

'The Hunger' in 1983 was  glossier but less substantial fare.

And talking of things that are less than substantial, 1983 also saw a 30 second Bowie cameo in 'Yellowbeard'.

1984's 'Jazzin' For Blue Jean' could be seen as a very short film or a very long music video.

Another cameo appearance followed with 'Into The Night' in 1985 with Bowie turning up as a hitman called Colin Morris.

1985 also saw another iconic Bowie performance with his appearance as Jareth the Goblin King in Jim Henson's 'Labyrinth'.

As well as his appearances in character Bowie is also dotted around the film in a number of scenes 'hidden' among the scenery.

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