15 August 2013

Avery Hill Publishing: Anthologies

This week we spoke to the team at Avery Hill Publishing and you can listen to the show here.

Their adventures in publishing spun out of a music blog called Tiny Dancing and that was also the name of the first anthology that they put together.

It's up to issue 8 now and is available to buy through their shop.

This issue features work from Rob Jones -

Simon Moreton - 

Rebecca Strickson -

And SLHC compatriot Owen D. Pomery - 

Reads is a complementary publication to Tiny Dancing, containing purely comics work as opposed to Tiny Dancing's blend of comics. illustration and prose.

Reads is up to issue 3 - 

And features work from Tim Bird -

And another Megatherium Club short from Owen D. Pomery -

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