18 July 2013

Born in Camberwell: The Scrappers

On this week's show we talked about famous people that were born in Camberwell.
This included a couple of men who, while legitimately tough, made their living by pretending to take huge amounts of physical punishment.

Fred 'Nosher' Powell made his name as an unlicensed boxer but managed to transition himself into becoming a sparring partner for the likes of Muhammed Ali, a minder for the likes of Sammy Davis Jr. and created a career as an actor and stuntman for himself.

Martin Ruane was born in Camberwell but moved to Salford as a three year old and it was out of Salford that he made his name in British Wrestling as 'Giant Haystacks.'
His feud with Big Daddy defined the sport for a generation and made wrestlers household names.

Ruane made more of a name for himself internationally though, here seen beating a young Bret 'The Hitman' Hart in a tag team championship match in Canada's Stampede Wrestling franchise, where he competed as 'The Loch Ness Monster.'

Towards the end of his career Ruane was booked to feud with Hulk Hogan in WCW in 1996, a move that would have placed him at the top of the business at the time, but was diagnosed with cancer shortly after making his debut and moved back to the UK.

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