20 June 2013

Oblique Strategies with Simon Armitage

'Infinitesimal gradations'
'Repetition is a form of change'
 - just three of the gnomic aphorisms contained in the Oblique Strategies cards devised in the early 1970s by artists Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno. The cards were aimed at providing a creative jolt to artists who were either stuck or searching for new directions for their work. Most famously, Eno and David Bowie used the cards during the making of the now infamous set of albums known as the Berlin trilogy.
Simon Armitage sets out to tell the story of the cards and talk to some of those who've used them including Carlos Alomar, the guitarist on those Bowie albums.
He also uses the cards to try and help him track down the elusive Brian Eno himself.
Have a listen here.

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