19 April 2013

'Hours...' (1999), Heathen (2002) and Reality (2003)

With this set of albums Bowie returned to his rock roots and appeared to be winding down to retirement.
'Hours...' features songs that also appear on the soundtrack for the computer game 'Omikron: The Nomad Soul' which also featured characters based on Bowie and Iman within the game.
One of the songs from the album and the game is 'Seven'.

'Heathen' saw the return of Tony Visconti as producer and featured a few cover versions including a great version of 'Cactus' by The Pixies.

With 'Reality' Bowie appeared to be preparing to retire from performing and recording.
Many of the songs seem to be looking back on his life and career and concern aging, while 'Bring Me The Disco King' really sounds like a man taking his final bow and is the last song on the album.

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