17 March 2013

"Heroes" (1977)

"Heroes" is arguably the only true Berlin album in the trilogy, having been recorded and mixed at the Hansa Studio By The Wall.
Eno and Visconti remained on board and they were also joined by Robert Fripp (of King Crimson fame) who flew in and recorded all his guitar parts in one day.
The incredible opening of the title track on the album is layers of Fripp-generated feedback and Eno's own synth-generated drones.
As the song goes on Bowie has to push his voice more and more to be picked up on mikes that Visconti has set up further and further away.

This live version apparently shows a disgruntled Bowie performing on Marc Bolan's TV show.
It's possible that the lacklustre performance from the house band may have upset Bowie but there's also a possibility that he's just saving himself for that vocal leap that he has to jump to in this abridged version.

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