01 February 2013

Treacle Jr. Location Guide

Treacle Jr. was shot on location in South London, specifically in the boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth and Wandsworth. We talked about it on the show this week. Here is a full location guide. 

All Saints Church, West Dulwich. 

Peckham Rye Common, not Ruskin Park as we said.

King's College Hospital, where Steve was born. 

The interior is Dulwich Hospital, where Jack was born. 

Old Camberwell Cemetery, which we wrongly referred to as Nunhead Cemetery on the show. Thanks to anonymous poster for the correction. 

Sleeping outside Samico, Walworth Road.

View of the Gateway Estate across the road. 

Westmoreland Road flea market, Walworth. 

The William Blake mural at Goose Green, East Dulwich. 

St John's Church at Goose Green, East Dulwich. 

Buying a coffee at the kiosk on Waterloo Road

 Fishcotheque in the background. 

Begging on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, outside Co-op, formerly Somerfield where Steve once worked. 

Steve's Cafe, Herne Hill. 

Herne Hill.

Champion Hill Estate, East Dulwich. 

Sainsbury's Dog Kennel Hill car park

The Half Moon, Herne Hill.  

Drumshack, Battersea. 

Harding Close, off John Ruskin Street, Walworth. 

Hillingdon Street, Walworth. 

Elephant and Castle: Metropolitan Tabernacle in the background.

Draper House, Elephant and Castle. 

Heygate, Elephant and Castle. 

The Horniman Museum.

William Booth Memorial Training College, Denmark Hill. 

Peckham Library


 Lordship Lane Post Office (although not the one that's currently there). 

Is this an homage to Blur's Beetlebum cover? 


  1. The park is Peckham Rye Common, the cemetery is Old Camberwell.

  2. Your podcast was good about Treacle Jr but I disagreed with a few things, British film makers do not get an easy ride by the British press, I noticed that Treacle Jr got quite a few 3 star reviews, including 3 stars from Peter Bradshaw. It's a bit immature and plain wrong to think good film journalists will be kind to British Films just because they themselves are British. Plenty of Brit films have been slated by the UK press. Also very mean of Steve to say that Jamie Thraves career probably lies in pop videos, he's clearly someone who doesn't get the guy's work, or to be frank hasn't seen the other films Thraves has made. The Low Down is brilliant and deserved all the good reviews it got, I read that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg both cited it as an influence on Shawn Of The Dead and used Kate Ashfield after seeing the film. The Cry Of The Owl got a raw deal too, it's not half as bad as some reviews say, I saw Thraves interviewed at LFF a few years ago and he explained he'd had trouble making that film with the BBC and wasn't happy with it himself, I think it's an excellent black comedy thriller, close in spirit to Blood Simple. It's such an old fashioned and lazy notion that pop video directors can't make good feature films, Spike Jonze proved that notion to be untrue, I could be wrong but I think Thraves will have a strong career in features.

  3. I don't think Steve was writing off all music video directors, but I do agree he was harsh in his criticism of Thraves (especially having not seen The Low Down) as I said on the show.

    In regard to the bias of British film reviewers, I stand by my point that there is often a nationalistic attitude which results in more favourable reviews. The most obvious examples I can think of off the top of my head are Shifty and Wild Bill, although I'm sure counter examples exist.

    Thanks for listening to the show and especially for your feedback.

  4. Absolute Beginners, London Kills Me, Young Soul Rebels, The Young Americans, Shopping, Blue Juice, Shooting Fish, Final Cut, Mad Cows, Plunkett & Maclean, Love, Honour & Obey and that's mainly just the 90's, all in my memory were huge flops and badly reviewed and deservedly so (for the ones I've seen.) Thraves made Treacle with his own money at great personal risk, got it into the cinemas and shown on BBC tv, does Steve really think a film maker like that deserves to be consigned to making pop videos when he's clearly more talented than a lot of British feature film makers today? I think Treacle does have nuance, it's a simple film, yes, but I think there was a strong choice made not to reveal the reason behind Tom's upheaval, it puts you in the same place as in real life, you have no idea who these homeless people are and why they are there but you have sympathy for them.

  5. It's important to keep in mind that I (Steve) am no film expert!
    Jack's the specialist when it comes to that side of things on the show and his opinion (which in the case of Treacle Jr. was very positive) should always be taken above mine.
    Shane Meadows is also a fan of the film so I think Jamie Thraves has PLENTY going on in his favour when it comes to his career in the future...

  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it's down to taste at the end of the day. I'm a fan of Thraves's work, I don't actually think Treacle Jr is his best, it's very lo-fi and quite simple but I think it has a great spirit and energy and is very funny and moving in places.