22 December 2012

SLHC Year One: Steve's Favourites

This week we're picking out our favourite shows from the first year of South London Hardcore.
Here are Steve's picks...

Episode 2: The Elephant and Castle.

We talked about the Elephant and Castle past and present.
Also features 'The Laugh'.

Episode 8: The Borough.
Goose bumps, pilgrims and mud baths...
This week we wandered through The Borough.

Episode 19: The FA Cup.
From the Wanderers to the Wombles, we looked at the history of South London's teams in the FA Cup and uncovered the competition's transpontine origins. 

Episode 33: Comics.
This week we were joined by Jim Hall of Midnight Video and comic blogger Dave Hatton to talk about the history of comics in South London and the portrayal of South London in comics.

Episode 34: Skyscrapers.
South London is home to the tallest building in Western Europe.
Owen Pomery was our guest as w
e took a look at the 10 biggest structures south of the river. 

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