20 December 2012

SLHC Year One: Jack's Favourites...

This week we're picking out our favourite shows from the first year of South London Hardcore.
Here are Jack's picks...

Episode 7: Southwark Estates On Screen

Southwark's housing estates have proven very popular filming locations in recent years.
We talked about Hereafter, 
Harry Brown, Attack the Block, Top Boy, 15 Storeys High, Doctor Who and various other things filmed on the Heygate, Aylesbury and Brandon estates.

Episode 16: Owen Pomery

Our guest was Stockwell-based illustrator, comic creator and architect Owen Pomery.
At the time Owen was living in The Borough and we talked to him about his life and work in South London.


Episode 22: With Lakisha, Lewie and Anni.

This week we were joined by Nothin' but the Rent blogger Anni Timms and SLHC regulars Lakisha McInroy and Lewie Peckham.
We talked about 
interior design, housing and local news.

Episode 41: Tate Modern and The Design Museum

The most popular modern art gallery in the world is in South London.
We went to the Tate Modern and tried to distinguish the masterpieces from the junk. 
We also visited the Design Museum, also on Bankside. 


Episode 49: The Lambeth Trilogy

We talked about three films made in, about and around Lambeth.
Our Lambeth trilogy consists of Me and My Girl (filmed as the Lambeth Walk), 
Passport to Pimlico and  We Are the Lambeth Boys (1959 documentary). 

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