15 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas From South London Hardcore: Comics

This week's episode is a Christmas Special where we offer up a few suggestions on gift ideas related to South London.
It's a mix of recent releases, old favourites and a few things that we've discovered in various episodes.

Today we'll be suggesting a few comics...

Julia Scheele is a New Cross based creator whose recent contribution to 'The Strumpet' anthology was a love letter to the 171 bus route.
Julia's most recent collection of work, 'I Don't Like My Hair Neat' is available from her website, along with a selection of prints, including the image above.

Owen D. Pomery is an old favourite here at SLHC, as well as being a regular guest.
He's got the latest issue of 'Between The Billboards' on sale as well as postcards such as this on above from the 'Moments of Tragedy & Triumph' postcard set.
Have a look at his website here.

Avery Hill Publishing are producing some wonderful comics, including this gorgeous new book from Tim Bird called 'Grey Area'. It's available, along with some other lovely stuff, from their website here.

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