14 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas From South London Hardcore: Books

This week's episode is a Christmas Special where we offer up a few suggestions on gift ideas related to South London.

It's a mix of recent releases, old favourites and a few things that we've discovered in various episodes. Today we'll be suggesting a few books...

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Danny Baker is one of our favourite transpontine personalities and his autobiography, released this year, promises to be a cracking read.

It was published before he was uncermoniously sacked by BBC Radio London leading to this rant,but you'll find much the same passion, wit and intelligence throughout this fine book...

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Published in 1945 rather than this year, 'London Belongs To Me' by Norman Collins remains one of the finest novels ever to be set in South London.
It's an epic story of the lives of the tenants of a large house in Kennington just before the outbreak of the Second World War.
A less ambitious, but still excellent, adaptation was filmed by Sydney Gilliat in 1948 and can be seen here.

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'Shakespeare's Local' is a wonderful piece of social history that looks at the development of The Borough through the story of The George Inn, a pub that has been around since the 16th Century and is the only gallleried coaching inn to have survived in London.
Pete Brown looks at the literary figures that would have frequented the pub, echoing our own assertion of Borough High Street as the most important street in the history of English Literature in our Borough episode.

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