12 December 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas From South London Hardcore: DVDs

This week's episode has been delayed due to technical issues but it's a Christmas Special where we offer up a few suggestions on gift ideas related to South London.
It's a mix of recent releases, old favourites and a few things that we've discovered in various episodes.

Today we'll be suggesting a few DVDs...

London - The Modern Babylon is a documentary film directed by Julien Temple and composed of archive film footage from the 19th century to the present day.
While not focusing exclusively on South London it does present many prominent transpontine features, moments and figures while echoing many of the issues we regularly discuss on the show.
It's a tremendous film in it's own right and the recent DVD release is packed with extras.

Buy London The Modern Babylon on DVD 

Treacle Jr. was recommended to us by Midnight Video's Phil Walsh, who described it as ' a walk through an episode of South London Hardcore'.
Shot entirely on location in South London, we were blown away by the number of places that are instantly recognisable as the characters wander round Nunhead, Camberwell, Walworth and Waterloo.

Buy Treacle Jr. on DVD 

An oldie but a goodie...
The Muppet Christmas Carol may seem an unlikely choice for us, and a decision based on affection rather than reason, but of course it features one of South London's most famous exports with Michael Caine appearing as Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Buy A Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD 

(Also, it's ace!)

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  1. It's a bit late now, but this has reminded me that some bits of Love Actually are set in South London.
    Martine McCutcheon's character mentions living in Wandsworth ("the dodgy end"). Hugh Grant tells her that his sister (Emma Thompson, with Alan Rickman) lives in Wandsworth too. Later he pays Martine a visit and it's revealed that the one who Alan nearly has a fling with lives (coincidentally!) on the same street. All their kids do a joint Christmas play (even though they go to different schools, on Christmas eve - bloody ludicrous) at a school that is presumably in Wandsworth too.
    There are also some nice South Bank bits, and Andrew Lincoln works somewhere near the Oxo Tower.
    As far as I'm aware it's the only Richard Curtis film to acknowledge the existence of South London.
    I've made it sound a bit silly but I do actually love it as a Christmas film!