14 November 2012

Transpontine Zinesters: The Borough Belles

This week we went to the South East London Zine Fest.
Among the people we spoke to was Emma, a member of the Borough branch of the Women's Institute. After visiting the Zine Fest last year Emma met a member of the W.I. who was also a zinester and became inspired to join the organisation.
This year, to bring things full circle, Emma was among members of the Borough branch who created a zine to bring to the Fest.
The zine itself was fantastic, packed with information on local treats and independent shops and services. It looked great as well with each member getting their own pages to contribute, giving it an eclectic mix of styles by tied together by theme and location.
But how did their day go?

Their display was lovely...

And they had a pretty good offer on the go...

People were intrigued...

And sales were made!

(All pictures are courtesy of The Borough Belles Facebook page)

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