15 September 2012

Rolf Slater: The Dual Writer from Balham

Rolf Slater was a successful Music Hall performer until a car crash robbed him of his memory.
However, after the accident he found himself able to write with both hands simultaneously.
Click here to see him in action...


  1. It was fascinating to find my grandfather on your site. I live in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and met him only once in 1973 and he was well into his ninties by then.
    He still had what it takes singing and playing the piano for myself and his great grandchildren. Sadly I did not get to meet him again as he died only a couple of months before I returned to London. I have many memories of him in photos and theatre posters. My father, his son, also had a car accident in his sixties and lost his memory.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch.
    It's an amazing story...