20 May 2012

South London Hall of Fame: Michael Faraday

Born in Newington on September 22nd 1791, Michael Faraday is best known for his work in the field of electromagnetism. He was among the first scientists to establish the connection between magnetism and electricity and his work lead directly to the harnessing of electricity for use as a source of energy.
Emerging from humble origins, Faraday used his apprenticeship as a bookbinder to read and study in a manner not commonly available to most of his fellow trainees.

He made himself known to Humphrey Davy of the Royal Society after creating a 300 page book based on the notes he had made from attending a year of Davy's public lectures.

Faraday eventually became an assistant to Davy, allowing him a chance to develop his own scientific theories and experiments finally leading to his series of breakthroughs in the understanding of electricity.

                                                          Faraday lecturing in 1856

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