15 March 2012

Gilbert Deya and the Miracle Babies

 Gilbert Deya is a Kenyan-born evangelist preacher who moved to Britain in 1997.
He is described as an ‘Archbishop’ in his own organisation, Gilbert Deya Ministries, and has churches in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Luton and Reading.
They claim to be ‘the fastest growing Ministry in the UK and worldwide’ but the reputation of Deya and his church has been somewhat tarnished over the last few years.
Initially Deya restricted his activities to preaching and training new ministers but he quickly expanded into television and publishing, producing titles such as ‘Casting Out the Devil in Jesus’ Name’, ‘Curses of Sexual Sins’, ‘Be Wise, Evil Spirits Are Real’, ‘Destroying the Witches’ Power in Jesus’ Name’, ‘Dangerous Prayers to Break Satan’s Forces.’ and ‘The Stronghold of Generational Curses’. 
He also produced a magazine ‘More Than Conquerors’ with advice on ‘overcoming witchcraft by the blood of the Lamb.’
Deya then went on to publish a new series of books including ‘Let All the Wicked Witches Die’, ‘Freedom From Pronounced Ancestral Curses’ and ‘Victory Over Demonic Attack’.
He then moved into the field of spirituality-based financial advice releasing volumes such as ‘Born Again to Financial Blessing’, ‘The Outpouring of God’s Financial Blessing and Rebuking the Devourer’ and ‘To Be Wealthy in Tons of Pure Gold and Plenty of Cash’.
Eventually he released a book called ‘Faith Healing of 4 Years Pregnancy and 12 Years Bleeding’ which moved him into the area of fertility and reproduction that would make him infamous.
Deya claimed that through prayer he could allow sterile women to give birth to healthy children and, with the help of generous donations to his church, would fly women over to clinics in Kenya where they would produce what Deya called ‘Miracle Babies’.
Suspicions were aroused when one woman managed to give birth to three babies in under a year and the authorities began to investigate.
Eventually Deya’s wife, Mary, was arrested at a hospital in Nairobi where she was attempting to remove a baby from the building. She claimed to have just given birth to the child but the hospital had no record of her being registered there and a DNA test later proved that she had no genetic link to the child.
Further DNA tests showed there to be no match between twenty babies that Deya had claimed that he had helped produce and the mothers he had said given birth to them.
The children were taken into care and Mary Deya was given a two year jail term for kidnapping while Deya himself faces charges in Kenya of child trafficking.
He is currently appealing against his extradition and is adamant he is innocent of all charges.
He has said:

‘I have been judged by the media as a child trafficker, which is a slave trade, but miracles have happened. God has used me and I tell you God cannot use a criminal. They are miracles.’


  1. I am so surprised that people of this world who have been created by God have denied the power of God. If God can create the entire universe, what is difficult for God to make a barren woman pregnant? Even in the Biblical times, many barren women were made pregnant through God`s power, why can`t Archbishop Deya pray for barren women and make them pregnant? The Lord Jesus said even his elect would be persecuted just as he was because all Jesus followers are not of this world although they live in this world. This is a fact. Archbishop Deya is innocent and he is suffering because he is a Child of God who has vowed to work for God. He will be vindicated by God. We shall continue to pray for him. The entire world of believers know that he is being persecuted just like many other servants of God worldwide. This is the end times and therefore the real preachers are the ones who will suffer.

    1. yeh right, and i'm sure (through him) the power of reconstituting genetic make up.

  2. We must read and get to know the Bible for ourselves. Don't rely on everything you hear/read. Test everything. God knows who is genuine. Nothing id hidden from him. He WILL deal with faLse apostles etc in his own time and in his way. Seek God for yourself, and rest secure in this. Jesus will not fail.