26 March 2012

Episode 14: Peaches

We recall a weekend spent defending multiculturalism to ex-South Londoners on the internet.

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  1. Hi Steve, My mum still uses the word coloured because people did in those days. As you will know my dad was a light skinned brown man sorry gentleman. Should i tell her it offends people or should i let it go seeing as she is almost 85 and loved my dad dearly. jacquie mc

    1. I think the generational aspect is very important as is the context.
      The guy that we first pulled up on Facebook had made it very clear that the VOICES of black people offended him so when he tried to claim he had 'coloured friends' as part of his defence against accusations of racism it really seemed ridiculous...
      The way that other people backed him up so quickly by claiming that a lot of non-Whites preferred 'Coloured' also baffled me.
      My take on it was if you know someone prefers 'Black' to 'Coloured' or vice versa then stick with it.
      If your on a social networking site and you've just claimed that the very sound of a Black person's voice is enough to make you want to emigrate maybe play it safe!

  2. just a few point;
    1.this is the first epi i have listened to all the way through.
    2. Donkey meat pie n lumpy mash is not good at all.
    3.There are far to many hair and nail shops i would like to see a patchwork and quilting shop maybe or joules or maybe a craft shop.
    4. I could name daddies 20 top takeaways but i wont.
    5. You should have had my favourite daughter in laws dinner ready.
    6. Grandad was black and middle class.
    7.Love thy neighbour they were middle class.
    8. That Dr from ER he's middle class.
    9. Looking forward to the next episode.

  3. THe Union Jack IS a hideous flag, Walsh. Dunno why- just gives me a headache.
    Check out beautiful Kiribati's: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.olstars.com/images/flags/Big/ki.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.olstars.com/en/flag/Kiribati&h=788&w=1181&sz=47&tbnid=L762CY2YqGW9SM:&tbnh=81&tbnw=122&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dkiribati%2Bflag%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=kiribati+flag&docid=vKSIjoXiNYOFSM&sa=X&ei=m698T-_8Hqil0QWY2aS2DQ&ved=0CEYQ9QEwAg&dur=285
    see -you'd wanna live there. Saw old lady on the Walworth Road with Union Jack trolley with a picture of a British Bulldog 'laminated' (in strips of sellotape) pinned to the front. She was harsh.