19 March 2012

Episode 13: Brixton

Lakisha's Brixton
We're joined by Jack's wife Lakisha, as she knows more about Brixton than both of us put together. 

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  1. Morley's had (and still has) a toy department, your gran obviously did I good job of hiding that fact from you! :D

  2. Brilliant - very entertaining :-)
    Definitely think that Lakisha should be back! She can do a broadcast on Balham/Clapham (school days) or Tulse hill (cadet days)!
    P.s if there is a New Cross broadcast then I am an expert on venue"

  3. I am surprised jack my son didnt want to interview me. I often visited Brixton when i was a little girl. And worked there in 77/78 my first job as a nanny at Trinity Congregational Church, St Matthews Rd. Jack (my husband) and i would go to the Ritzy cinema, to see Bob Dylan firlms. We also saw freaks there. Jacks mum.