26 February 2012

These Electric Avenues: Anerley - A quest for quietude

Anerley began as a desire for solitude…

William Sanderson, a silk merchant from Scotland, had become tired of the hectic nature of life in the London of the early 19th century and yearned for the peace and quiet that more rural areas afforded.

An Act of Parliament in 1827 saw the creation of a road to connect Elmer’s End Road and Church Road in Norwood running through The Great North Wood and cutting across the area of Penge Common. This road would make the very centre of the North Wood accessible but undeveloped, which proved to be irresistible to Sanderson. He built a house on the edge of Penge Common which would edge onto this new road, allowing him to travel into London to deal with his business matters while allowing him to retreat to the tranquility of the suburbs of an evening.

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