28 December 2011

Episode 1: South London sitcoms

Episode 1, in which we talk about South London sitcoms Desmonds, Only Fools and Horses and Jim Davidson’s Up the Elephant and Round the Castle. 

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  1. When asked what he was doing at Thames Television, writer Spike Mullins replied,'I'm doing a show starring Jim Davidson-but I've told my Mum it stars Heinrich Himmler.'

    Fascinating first show, I look forward to listening again.

  2. well loving podcast, Walsh. Post the Fools & Horses clip please - can't find it. Desmonds fan, SE17

  3. Hello Anonymi!
    Thanks for the kind words. If you mean the clip with the visible BBC sign it's posted on this very website under the related stuff for Ep1...

  4. South London Credentials from a West Ham and Spurs fan!

    Del went from cock of the walk to a downtrodden burke when Raquel moved in. The show ended at that point.